Box Virtual data room

Box used to be a simple file-sharing system created for the general audience to exchange files online. But over time, as this provider gained more experience, it could evolve and add complex features. Today Box offers a virtual data room that can simplify the way companies work and collaborate — well, at least the vendor itself says so. 

Nevertheless, Box has quite many loyal customers. Here are some of the industries that find this data room suitable for their needs:

  • Non-profits
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Life science
  • Healthcare

Box Virtual Data Room Review

Box is a relatively young provider that started its journey in 2005. And even though this year is rather far away in the past, we should remember that many data room providers exist for decades. The main goal of Box is to power the collaborations across the world, making it easy for companies that are located in different parts of the globe to work together effortlessly and effectively. This provider is focused on implementing innovations and delivering them to their customers.

Box has twelve offices around the world, so it’s easy for a provider to offer not only innovative software but an immediate help round-the-clock, too.

A look at essential features of Box data room:

  • Intelligent threat detection
  • Control of encryption keys
  • APIs for seamless integration with other apps
  • Custom AI-based skills
  • Box Notes for collaboration

Box overview

This provider’s primary focus is offering customers software they’re able to customize so that it fits their needs. So while Box has all the necessary features you’d expect a data room to have, it also offers integration with any business app a company is already utilizing. Thanks to the API, customers can connect any tools they want to create a seamless workspace. This gives businesses the freedom to use any app they want instead of being limited by the means a data room supports.

box dataroom

But the most crucial feature is Box Skills Kit. It allows users to create their AI-based tools and implement them in the data room. This feature has an open framework, which means that Box customers can do virtually anything to the data room — even bring their machine learning. However, if some clients are not very tech-savvy and can’t find value in creating their tools, Box Skills will work as a content-organizing feature based on machine learning.