Caplinked Virtual Data Room

Caplinked offers software for document management and collaboration. This provider focuses on simplicity and accessibility. That’s why new customers can get started with this virtual data room within just minutes. 

The vendor provides clients with a convenient workspace filled with document maintenance tools and features that improve communication between employees and third-parties. Caplinked seems to be an excellent fit for a lot of different businesses and needs. However, there are some issues you should know about.

Caplinked customers are using this virtual data room for:

  • Document maintenance and exchange
  • Financing
  • Asset sales and purchases
  • Legal compliance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Project management

Caplinked Virtual Data Room Review

This relatively young provider was founded in 2010 and is based in Los Angeles. Also, it has offices in the UAE, India, and South Africa. The primary goal of Caplinked is to provide customers with a convenient cloud-based workspace that will let them work with documents and go through business processes without the risk of a data leak. The vendor is endorsed by several large media, including the Wall Street Journal.

Like most data room providers that emerged relatively recently, Caplinked tries to leverage advanced technology to improve the user experience. So even though there is no artificial intelligence, this virtual data room is packed with features.

Main functions of the Caplinked data room:

  • Update announcements
  • Customized permissions
  • Activity tracker
  • Instant messaging
  • Watermarks

Caplinked Overview 

This data room provides customers with all the essential features they need. The software doesn’t require any downloading and installation. And when working with files, users can control versions of documents to track all the changes. Caplinked offers communication tools such as alerts all the parties will receive if any changes to documents, deadlines, or other things were made to speed up deals. Also, the admin of the virtual data room can send users updates via email. FAQ notifications will let everyone know any new details, and the integrated instant messaging will make communication easy and safe.

While the interface is simple, some users experience issues, especially when it comes to granting permission. Some customers didn’t figure out right away that users should be grouped to set up levels off access for them. Also, users tend to have problems with the Q&A section, searching for required questions and answers.