Firmex Virtual Data Room

Firmex as a trusted VDR provider offering quality solutions for sharing and storing data developed with an aim to speed up deal-making and facilitate other business processes.

Firmex as a data room vendor is ranked as the most widespread VDR service that supports many complex business processes such as due diligence, legal practices, and many others. No matter what goals you pursue, Firmex is likely to become your trustworthy partner especially in such industries as:

  • Investment banking;
  • Biotech licensing and pharmaceuticals;
  • Energy and mining;
  • Corporate sphere;
  • Fundraising and private equity, etc.
Firmex Data Room

Firmex data room products and services have common traits with other wide-scale VDR providers. From this perspective, all customers can enjoy the same level of functionality as in other data rooms. Simultaneously, you can also enjoy constant innovations and relatively affordable pricing that are peculiar to the newly introduced companies on the market. Even though Firmex is a relatively young company in this niche, it has already acquired a good reputation among wide-scale businesses worldwide. The company itself claims to provide assistance to not less than 75 thousand customers globally including investment banks, law firms, pharmaceuticals, and many other types of businesses.

Firmex Virtual Data Room Review

VDR solutions of Firmex prove to be the most suitable tools for M&A transactions simply because they offer everything necessary for successful deal-making. The VDR products of Firmex are added with numerous useful instruments aimed at facilitating collaboration, accelerating the due diligence procedure and simplifying every other aspect of financial transactions. On the whole, Firmex provides an ordinary suite of features that are necessary for making every deal successful. Besides, there are lots of exclusive features as well. This refers to a “View As” feature that may be of special interest for businesses. It gives users a chance to find out in what ways the visitors used or viewed documents that are kept in the VDR. This prevents wrong users from viewing or accessing sensitive files.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Firmex VDRs

Overall, Firmex VDRs have their own advantages and drawbacks. As for the shortcomings, we cannot help mentioning that there is no online customer support service which may be a significant matter of concern for some users. Nonetheless, the presence of unique features makes this vendor especially popular. The key benefits of using Firmex VDRs include the following:

  • Easy handling of documents;
  • Ability to preview all materials stored in the VDR;
  • 2-level authentication process and availability of other top-notch protection measures that guarantee the complete security of data;
  • Ability to restrict access to certain files;
  • Easy navigation and user-oriented interface;
  • Affordable and transparent pricing policy.

All these features serve as the best proof that Firmex can be trusted 100% by most businesses. It guarantees accuracy and complete protection of data while its customer support runs 24/7 and is available by phone or via email. What is even more important, this vendor offers a complete set of features and requires no hidden fees so that you can be fully confident about the quality of their services.