iDeals Virtual Data Room

iDeals data room solutions as a trusted way to keep your sensitive data in good order and organize all files in the right way to suit your individual business needs.

Secure and powerful data room solutions of iDeals are a trusted way to keep all documentation properly organized and store it in one place. The software of the company allows achieving extraordinary results and has long been tested by businesses operating in different industries such as investment banking entities, law firms and various other enterprises worldwide. iDeals remains one of the most goal-oriented companies in this sector as it is always attentive to its customers’ demands and provides them with secure and convenient VDR solutions to make sure they achieve their goals in any business sphere.

iDeals Virtual Data Room Review

The basic features of the cloud-based VDR software of iDeals Solutions include:

  • Easy document management;
  • Complete safety of files ensured by a trusted encryption technology;
  • User permissions and control over the access to documents;
  • Tracking and compliance reporting;
  • Control over the ability to view, download or print the resources;
  • Ability to convert files into the PDF format;
  • 2-factor authentication process;
  • Restriction of access by IP address or other parameters;
  • Easy access from mobile digital appliances;
  • Q&A feature.
iDeals Virtual Data Room

iDeals also allows its clients to create a customized VDR solution where the uploaded files will be kept in folders while users will be given access permissions. Besides, such personalized software gives clients a chance to use a handy Q&A feature in order to always be sure that your questions are clarified timely and without effort.

Benefits of Using iDeals VDR Solutions

Data room software of iDeals is a perfect option for all types of businesses as it is characterized by increased functionality that can be expected only from an industry leader in this kind of sphere. The company places much emphasis on helping companies to achieve efficiency in the following spheres:

  • Due diligence and M&A
  • Real estate industry
  • Biotech industry
  • Technological field

There are several user access settings that can be used individually or as a group. In this case, certain users will be provided access to particular folders or files with the ability to download the materials and use them in their activity. Besides, the user activity can also be tracked while the security of data is maintained through the use of a whole set of safety measures such as:

  • 256-bit encryption technology;
  • Watermarks;
  • Protection with antivirus technology, etc.

All this is aimed at keeping confidential data intact and completely protected from unauthorized access. iDeals software is compatible with a wide range of web browsers, operating systems, and digital devices so that you will not require any plugins to start using the company’s solutions. Another benefit is the multi-language customer support service that runs 24/7. All this makes the software of this vendor a sought-after solution for different types of businesses. At the same time, a free trial version is also available giving users a chance to get first-hand experience and get to know all the benefits in person.