Intralinks Virtual Data Room

Intralinks data room solutions as a way to enhance the performance of businesses and keep all sensitive data organized by storing them in a secure online repository.

Intralinks data rooms are a leading innovation integrated with artificial intelligence to ensure the success of business transactions. The VDR solutions of this vendor have a user-friendly and intuitive design aimed at improving user experience. On top of it all, the software of this provider is virtually universal as it can be used on a variety of devices due to its compatibility with various operating systems. Intralinks VDR solutions are also very fast so that it becomes possible to close business deals faster than ever. This facilitates the workflow and increases the speed of deal-making. With this kind of software, you can be totally convinced that your corporate data will be well-protected at all times. It is also possible to change the access rights quickly and easily without the need to use any plugins.

Intralinks Virtual Data Room Review

Intralinks remain one of the most dependable VDR providers on the market serving diverse types of businesses and helping them to close deals faster. VDRs of this provider help to execute over 7,500 business transactions per year and provide support to over four million customers worldwide. The services of Intralinks find their application in such spheres as investment banking, mergers and acquisitions and the field of security. This vendor is perhaps the oldest player in the VDR segment as it has more than 20 years of extensive experience in guiding companies through the most complex deals. However, Intralinks pricing is a bit higher than the pricing of other vendors. Overall, there are several products provided by this company to suit the needs of different types of businesses.

Intralinks Virtual Data Room

VDRs of Intralinks perform all kinds of functions that can be expected from a traditional data room. The features offered by this vendor include the following:

  • Automated set-up of deal rooms;
  • Contract evaluation;
  • Control over user permissions;
  • Q&A option;
  • Importing of multiple files;
  • Drag-and-Drop feature;
  • Reporting.

In this way, Intralinks virtual data room solutions are aimed at ensuring smooth collaboration by offering all the necessary tools for employees and managerial staff.

Merits of Intralinks Software

The instruments offered by Intralinks are specially designed to simplify the communication between the company workers and give them an opportunity to get in touch with other involved parties. As a result, the deal-making process is supported at all stages, and this proves to be especially useful throughout the due diligence procedure. The major benefit of Intralinks data room software is that it allows streamlining the due diligence process and makes the process of sharing documents more secure and efficient. One more benefit is the mobile-friendly interface of VDR solutions which allows mobile users to enjoy the same level of functionality which they need to handle every aspect of the deal-making process. It does not take too much time or effort to upload and organize data. Besides, all data are protected through the use of the latest encryption technologies that minimize the risk of leakage or other hazards.