OneHub Virtual Data Room

This data room provider doesn’t seem to offer some great solutions. Onehub has all the basic features you would expect a VDR to have, but there are no functions we could call unusual. Yet, this vendor is rather popular, and a lot of companies are loyal to it. So, what’s the secret of Onehub? Well, it’s quite simple — this is just a good data room that can satisfy the needs of most businesses.

This versatile yet straightforward data room can handle the requirements of any business. Here are some of the industries that have already found Onehub to be a fitting solution:

  • Energy
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing

Onehub Virtual Data Room Review

Founded in 2007, Onehub stands among younger data room providers. Its creators simply got tired of terrible business software and wanted to create the tool workers worldwide really deserve. That’s how Onehub — a convenient and secure collaboration tool — was born. And one million users appreciate the hard work this provider has put into creating a perfect data room.

Once you dive into customer reviews, you’ll see that most clients find this data room very easy to work with. They enjoy using it and all the valuable features it offers. Of course, there are some issues, but all of them are insignificant enough for users not to worry about that simply.

What are the features Onehub offers:

  • Version control
  • User management
  • Role-based permissions
  • Audit trails
  • Messaging
people working

Onehub features

It seems like this provider has studied all the other data room vendors, picked all the best traits, and combined them in its data room. Onehub makes it easy for users to upload, search, and work with files with a drag and drop feature, full-text search, and version control. Administrators can invite users to a whole workspace, a folder, or review an individual file. It’s also effortless to grant and revoke access, modify roles, and control user activity in Onehub.

You can make invited parties to create complex passwords by enforcing a custom policy to ensure better security for your data room. It’s a nice addition to two-factor authentication. Once the invited user logs into Onehub, they can receive and assign tasks and talks to each other through messages within a data room.