Blackberry Workspaces Virtual Data Room

Blackberry Workspaces is a modern and secure virtual data room that’s compatible with all the platforms. Users can enjoy a simple interface and seamless synchronization while doing through an important deal or just managing corporate documents. Blackberry created Workspaces to be suitable both for personal use and collaboration with team members and third-parties.

Blackberry Workspaces has all the required certificates to be suitable for various companies. Today this data room is used by any industry you can imagine:

  • Legal
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Media and entertainment
  • Regulatory compliance

Blackberry Workspaces Virtual Data Room Review

It’s hard to find a person who’s never heard of Blackberry. This company creates many products and has existed since 1984 — at this moment, it owns over 38.000 patents. Today it has 30 offices around the world with Headquarters in Canada. Among Blackberry’s customers, you will find a lot of well-known corporations and even governments from around the globe. 

So Blackberry’s data room is expected to be extraordinary, especially when it comes to safety. And it seems like this provider did excel at creating good software — you won’t find bad reviews. All customers are generally satisfied, and only some of them sometimes point out minor issues.

Blackberry Workspaces’ primary features:

  • Group and personal workspaces
  • Integration with significant business tools
  • File locking
  • E-signature
  • Version history management
  • Granular permissions

Blackberry Workspaces features

To provide users with precisely the tools they need, Blackberry offers three editions. The simplest one is Send. It supplies customers with 20GB of storage, ability to work with documents, personal workspace, integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office Online, and View-only sharing. 

Those who need a data room for deals should consider getting a Collaborate edition. It adds more features on top of those offered by Send. With Collaborate, you’ll have unlimited file and data storage, group workspaces with collaboration functions, an advanced admin console, usage reporting, and ransomware recovery tools. Also, this edition supports single sign-on and active directory.

The Secure Plus edition adds integration with CMS and file systems, API/SDK access, advanced user administration, and advanced productivity tools. This option is suited for companies that need a virtual data room with the highest security level and a full set of business tools.