Drooms Virtual Data Room

Being one of the most popular data room providers, Drooms claims to be the leading solution. This vendor offers two separate products — Drooms Transaction and Drooms Portfolio. The Transaction tool is a data room for due diligence, and Portfolio is suitable for the lifecycle asset management. Drooms has quite a few widely-known brands among its 15000+ customers from around the world. So it must indicate that this provider offers a good solution.

Customers are using this virtual data room for:

  • Due diligence
  • Lifecycle asset management
  • Document analysis
  • Digital Archive
  • Digitization and sourcing

Drooms Virtual Data Room Review

This data room was founded by M&A and legal experts back in 2001. Over the years, they’ve grown this project to one of the most popular VDRs globally, with more than fifteen thousand users from around the globe. Drooms has diverse companies among its customers — from real estate agencies and law firms to large corporations. This shows us that the software is quite versatile as different industries can find it useful.

Drooms has offices across Europe and some solutions partners from around the world. Despite the lack of offices in Asia and the US, this provider still offers round-the-clock support.

Primary features of Drooms:

  • Granular permissions
  • Document indexing
  • Secure file viewer
  • Customization of the interface
  • Two-factor authentication

Drooms overview

Drooms Portfolio provides businesses with granular permissions to grant them better control over corporate files. The auto allocation feature facilitates built-in AI that allocates uploaded files based on the content. This tool also learns user behavior to improve the index allocations. With Drooms Portfolio, it’s easy to manage documents with a detailed search and other small features that will let you sort files better. Also, the software can translate documents from English to six different languages.

Drooms Transaction seems to offer all the same features, so it’s unclear how these tools differ. Perhaps, the difference is in pricing plans — although the provider doesn’t separate Portfolio from Transaction in its pricing section. 

Drooms offers a free plan that is quite limited. Its Pro plan will cost you $14.45 per user — you’ll need to have at least 10 users in your data room, so the price starts from $144.5 per month.