Transcend Virtual Data Room

We might know Transperfect as a popular language and technology business provider. But there is another product this brand offers — a virtual data room called Transcend. According to the description, Transperfect gives for its VDR, Transcend is a multipurpose tool suitable for both storing the company data and going through business processes that require parties to exchange files.

Transcend is a versatile data room. Provider’s customers are using it for:

  • Internal document maintenance
  • Management of partnerships
  • Going through M&A, due diligence, and other document-heavy processes

Transcend Virtual Data Room Review

Transperfect is a family of companies that provide businesses with language services and technology solutions for over two decades. Working with various companies helping them navigate their markets, this provider gained a lot of experience and many insights on helping a business grow. That’s how the Transcend data room was born. 

With all the knowledge the provider already had, it created a virtual data room suitable for various processes that involve a lot of papers. The software is easy to use and packed with essential tools required for due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and other deals. Having over 90 offices worldwide, Transperfect can provide Transcend users with fast and helpful support 24/7.

Primary Transcend features:

  • Searchable repository
  • Document encryption
  • Real-time project tracking
  • Active clustering
  • Rapid indexing

Transcend features

This virtual data room is essential. You won’t find here fancy features some top-notch providers offer. However, Transcend’s tools are sufficient for convenient and secure data storage and file exchange during deals. In this data room, administrators can set permissions for users to protect the documents from unauthorized use. And thanks to real-time project tracking, its easy for a business to detect suspicious behavior and get insights into improving processes.

Transcend focuses on security and reliability. The Active clustering feature will ensure that your data room remains accessible even if the provider has issues with some of its servers. Transcend does its best to distribute the load correctly so that users don’t experience delays when working with files. All documents uploaded to this data room are encrypted for better protection, and the data room has all the required privacy and security certificates.