V-Rooms Virtual Data Room

V-rooms is a data room suited for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps companies manage corporate documents, exchange them with partners and other third parties, and collaborate. This provider might come off as a very simple one. Yet, it offers all the necessary features and even a bit more advanced functions packed into an intuitive interface.

As the provider offers quite a broad set of tools, its customers use this data room for different needs. V-rooms is suitable for:

  • Due diligence
  • Internal document maintenance
  • Document-heavy business processes
  • Teamwork within the company
  • Collaboration with third-parties

V-rooms Virtual Data Room Review

Founded in 2006, this provider is considered quite young since many of its competitors operate for a couple of decades and more. Yet, it doesn’t mean that V-rooms lacks the experience to create decent software. On the contrary, this provider offers a data room good enough for it to become one of the most widely-used VDRs. V-rooms are flexible and modern, and small to medium-sized businesses appreciate this software.

This data room is comfortable to get started with, and clients rarely face issues when using it. Also, the pricing is very appealing to smaller companies that can’t afford fancy expensive providers. Yet, the lower price doesn’t impact the quality — V-room’s customers get software that’s just as good as more expensive options, if not even better.

A quick round-up of V-rooms features:

  • Unlimited users and admins
  • Digital rights management
  • Reports on the user activity
  • Customization of the interface
  • Task manager

V-rooms overview

Quite a lot of older data room providers won’t allow users to customize the interface with corporate colors and logos. V-rooms gives clients such an opportunity. A customized data room creates an even better image of a company for its current and potential partners. Also, this provider doesn’t limit the number of users and administrators added under one account. This means that you won’t have to worry if you’ll be able to invite someone to your data room.

Another extra feature is the task manager that allows users to create and track tasks. It’s a convenient tool that enables teams to keep everything in one secure place. 

Overall, customers find V-rooms easy to use and suitable for their needs. However, some clients experienced issues trying to understand the security features. If you face any problems with this data room, you can contact the support team of V-rooms available 24/7. But since this provider still improves its software, the chances are that issues others have faced are fixed now.