Virtual Data Rooms vs. Physical Data Rooms: Why You Should Upgrade

Many businesses worldwide are switching over to virtual data rooms to secure their corporate data. This tool can increase efficiency whilst also allowing you control over authorized users who can access documents much faster from anywhere.

When it comes to what is best for business, you shouldn’t overlook upgrading. Taking the necessary steps to upgrade to a virtual data room can make a big impact on your business success.

What is a data room? 

A data room is a secure online repository that helps facilitate sensitive document sharing and big financial transactions. This allows potential buyers to gain an in-depth look into the business and the assets attached, which they may be potentially looking to purchase. 

When using a traditional data room, the potential buyer has to be physically present, going through the lengthy process of sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of documents. 

Add to this that you may have multiple potential buyers and the process becomes very cumbersome. A traditional data room is no longer a viable option for businesses looking to streamline their file sharing process while maintaining a high level of security. A virtual data room is the modern solution. 

Traditional data rooms

To put it in blunt terms, traditional physical data rooms require a lot of time and effort, and here’s why: 

  • Inconvenience. Scheduling multiple meetings with potential buyers may be inconvenient for all involved, often causing a delay to complete the deal;  what’s worse,  you may not even complete a deal at the end of that lengthy process.
  • High operation costs. With a physical venue, you have the costs of the space to consider. You will only be able to access the data room at certain times, potentially utilizing staff efforts and time to manage the space and you risk information being leaked.

Although the initial movement to a virtual data room will require an investment of time, the long-term benefits are clear. Not only will going paperless reduce overhead, as it reduces the need for office supplies and staff time, but it will also ensure the safety of important company documents and protect client information. 

virtual data rooms

Virtual data room – a necessary evolution

Virtual data rooms are simply much more efficient and convenient than a traditional data room. Here are just a few reasons why: 

  • Convenience of use. By switching to a virtual data room, you are eliminating the aspect of travel, allowing any potential buyers to view the documents from anywhere in the world. This incredible tool allows due diligence to happen on a potential sale in Canada from the warmth of a Miami office.
  • Full data management and protection. Using a virtual data room, you can give and revoke access with ease, which gives you an advantage with security and protection against any potential data leakage. For example, if a purchase falls through, you can remove access and keep your corporate documents safe with the click of a button.
  • Fast deal making process. The ability for all parties to complete their due diligence checks simultaneously is a huge benefit that saves time and gets a sale over the line. As the process of due diligence is happening virtually, the technology allows you to instantly search through all the documents with specific keywords, massively speeding up the process of sale.

A virtual data room and cloud storage is not only more convenient than the outdated traditional method of a physical data room, it also gives you more control over your data security. Upgrading to a virtual data room can improve business efficiency, attract better deals, and give all parties peace of mind in knowing their documents are secure. 

Virtual data rooms vs physical data rooms: The bottom line

In conclusion, a data room is a necessity for every and all businesses. The data room you choose will have a lasting impact on your time and cost as a business owner. You can significantly reduce time, increase exposure, and save on the cost by simply transitioning over to a virtual data room.

Most reputable providers offer a free trial or free demo version so you can see what a virtual data room can do before committing. With a vast number of benefits, the switch could be the best business decision of the year.